Plike feat. Melodywhore: Envious Moon


Please welcome from Illinois, electronic music project: Plike. Breaking the rules, this musical project plays with our emotions and explores the darkest elements of our human psyche. Producer and composer Mad Madam Em and soundscape designer ASH are the masterminds behind this incredible outfit endlessly toying with our subconscious. 

p'like [plahyk] \ˈplīk\  verb
Contraction of "Pretend Like"
: to play make believe; to create (something that is not real) in your mind (

Combining natural sounds and heavy electronic elements, for the very first time Plike collaborates with the darkwave electronic maestro Melodywhore from Houston. Together, the very first single Envious Moon is scheduled to be released on Hallows Eve, 2019. Based on a poem written by Melodywhore fifteen years ago, finally Envious Moon comes to life through song. With grace, Melodywhore finally confides in Mad Madam Em, and together the hypnotizing number was shaped with excellency.

Melodywhore reveals, “I could almost immediately hear the marriage of our signature sounds and knew that I should approach her about doing some work together.  As a very spiritual person, I felt like I was being led in this direction and when Em and I did talk, it was like we were old friends.” 

Envious Moon
is the aftermath of new beginnings, faith, and trust. Melodywhore abandons the need to be in control of his own art and hands over the project to Plike, who crafted an erotic and bewitching sound. The enchanting vocals of Melodywhore portray a fragile and vulnerable character in this atmospheric tune. As the song progresses, we easily feel trapped inside this sensitive character Plike created through dark ambient music. It is the aura and general emotion of the song that creates the sensation of yearning and desire. 

We are thrilled that the two darkwave projects collaborated. The song is simply stunning. Follow Plike and Melodywhore on social media and be sure to check out their music.


Melany Yelle-Nikischer